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Honey in Turkey

Why is Turkish Honey So Good and Special? ─ HoneyGo!

Turkey produces a lot of honey variants. Each Turkish honey produced is unique in smell, taste, color, and texture. Did you know that the most wanted variety of honey in Turkey is the Pine Honey? This kind of honey is 92% of the world’s pine honey in the world, widely produced in the mountains of the Aegean region in Turkey. This area is rich in pine trees, making it the best place for the production of quality pine honey. Did you know that pine honey is the rare honey to find in the USA because it's only made in Turkey?

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3 easy ways to use honey on summer vacation

3 Easy Ways to Use Honey on Summer Vacations ─ HoneyGo!

Summer is here and Summer means a Vacation! Summer is a perfect time to take a trip, camps, adventures, and even picnics with the whole family. School is also over and it is one of the best times to spend moments with your kids before school starts again. Summer is not just about adventure ─ it's also about food!

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Get to Know HoneyGo!

While the world faces the Covid Pandemic, Honey is in high demand as an immunity booster. Many studies came out about the possible positive impact of honey  against viruses. This is where the idea of HoneyGo! Spoons came about.

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