Our Story

A Spoonful of GOLD!


Honey was always a big part of our culture and an essential element in almost every meal, especially breakfast. Growing up, we always had a spoon of honey all the way from the beautiful mountain ranges of Turkey that are a home to the brilliant bees.

Today, a busy mom of four , I found it so hard to keep up with giving my family a spoonful of honey every morning rushing out the door. It got messy, sticky and annoying to cleanup. I would even think twice to use honey for my tea every night just thinking about all the hassle it may come with.. And so the idea of HoneyGo! Was born :) 

HoneyGo! is proud to be a women owned business and the first in the United States to pack honey conveniently in 100% recyclable, heat resistant, and BPA free spoons all the way from Turkey... the largest honey producer in the world. Our hive is dedicated to make nature’s powerful sweetener easily accessible for everyone a spoonful at a time. 

What began as an inspiration, quickly turned into our passion and we strive to fill each spoon with love.