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The Hexa Hive | Pine Honey

8.8oz of  Pine honey produced from honeydew, automatically packed in an elegant clear hexagonal glass jar, that comes with attached wooden dipper to the cap on the inside for a no mess kind of day!

Your honey most probably will arrive crystallized. That means our honey is real and is full of antioxidants and enzymes. It certainly does NOT mean your honey has gone bad. The crystallization process is natural and has little to no effect on the honey other than new textures, densities, and coloring.

All HoneyGo! products are made in FDA licensed facilities.

With every purchase you do of HoneyGo! products, you contribute to saving the bees!
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    Suggested Use


    Are you feeling bloated, constipated or just having general digestive issues? Then Pine honey is for you!

     pine honey is a rich source of probiotic (action) supporting a healthy gut and aiding in digestive and bloating issues but is also a great source of Iron and Potassium.

    Sweet Pine Honey

    The most sought after honey of all honeys in Turkey and our personal favorite, This dark amber honey is widely consumed due to its health benefits and distinct warm sweet flavors. It is particularly nice when taken with black tea.

    Slow Crystallization

    Unlike Flower honey, Pine honey has higher fructose content than glucose which results in slow crystallization. This process may take 6 months to a year.

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