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Honey is a  big part of every culture and an essential element in our daily lives.

Growing up, we always had a jar of honey on our table all the way from the beautiful mountain ranges of Turkey that are a home to the brilliant bees. These exquisite chemists  buzzed their way into our lives with every spoonful of gold we devoured.  But with it, also came that sticky goodness that is a hassle to wipe away and clean up.

While the world faces the Covid Pandemic, Honey is in high demand as an immunity booster. Many studies came out about the possible positive impact of honey  against viruses. This is where the idea of HoneyGo! Spoons came about.

HoneyGo! is proud to be the first in the United States to pack honey conveniently. We are dedicated to changing lives with nature’s powerful sweetener.  What began as an inspiration, quickly turned into our passion and we strive to fill each spoon with love.

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