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Honey in Turkey

Did you ever wonder why Turkey is one of the best honey producers in the world? Turkey has a fertile environment and a land rich in fine honey making it a home to trillion of bees, millions of hives, and hundreds of beekeepers who are responsible for bees. Next to China, Turkey is the second leading producer of natural honey worldwide in 2021 with 114,113 tones of yearly production.

Honey in Turkey

No wonder how Turkey has kept and protected its beekeeping traditions with its beautiful landscapes and wide land mass. Turkey's climate and geographical location are also an ideal advantage over other continents. With its changeable climate and landscapes, it allows varying plants, trees, and vegetation to grow.

Turkey produces a lot of honey variants. Each Turkish honey produced is unique in smell, taste, color, and texture. Did you know that the most wanted variety of honey in Turkey is the Pine Honey? This kind of honey is 92% of the world’s pine honey in the world, widely produced in the mountains of the Aegean region in Turkey. This area is rich in pine trees, making it the best place for the production of quality pine honey. Did you know that pine honey is the rare honey to find in the USA because it's only made in Turkey?

Pine Honey in Turkey

Honey has always become a big part of Middle East culture and an essential element on the table, especially for meals like breakfast. It is also one of the oldest medicinal substances in Turkish culture.

This dark amber honey is widely consumed due to its health benefits and distinct warm sweet flavors. It is known to have a lower glucose and fructose content yet contains some of the highest levels of enzymes, amino acids, and minerals among various honey types.

Pine Honey in Turkey

Pine honey is mostly consumed and enjoyed by having it in a spoonful by adding it to a cup of tea and on your meal ─ giving you the best benefits pine honey can offer!

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